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Life is like a bicycle ride; we just don’t end up using all the gears. It’s a fitting analogy to our mundane lives drowned in daily drudgery. We continue to tread along this path for much of what we do. I’ve been fortunate enough, having to change that course every once in a while. In the middle of September that happened all over again and this time, the said analogy co-incided into a singular reality. 7 days of cycling through the Spanish hills! Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? How about the fact that I paid a grand total of 0 rupees for it? Yes. For there’s only one thing better than travel; free travel! And here’s where you can apply for yours A travel contest sponsored by Cox&Kings, Gadventures and Ezeego, you really don’t have to do much. Just showcase the traveler that you are and the rest is down the percentiles and a little bit of luck. So in my case, what started off as a harmless ‘why not apply for a contest on an idle tuesday’ act culminated to a glorious 200 km bike ride.


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